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Take control with RiskInsight

  • Geocoding

    The first step to enabling accurate catastrophe models is the location intelligence derived from a global geocoding engine

  • Global Mapping

    Drill down from geographic aggregations to view and investigate location-specific exposure or loss insights

  • Open Models

    Make confident decisions globally with modeled loss estimates that are consistently proven to have market-leading accuracy

  • CE Metrics

    Unique CE methodology and visualization intuitively provides actionable insights regarding large loss potential

  • Live Events

    Accurately and intuitively assess your loss potential from actual events as they occur, such as daily hail and tornado footprints delivered to you every morning at 7am

  • Customization

    All components of KCC’s models can be customized to your own view of risk, providing a consistent proprietary view throughout your organization

  • BYO Models

    The openness of KCC’s model-building tools enables third-party models—yours or another vendor's—to be hosted on the RiskInsight platform

The RiskInsight Open Loss Modeling Platform delivers visual, verifiable, and accurate models; advanced tools for customization; daily live event capabilities; intuitive exposure management tools; interactive global mapping, and high-resolution geocoding—all on one platform.

Streamline Your Risk Solutions

RiskInsight includes everything you need to manage your catastrophe risk without having to license multiple products. KCC modeling experts built the proven accurate KCC models directly on the platform, and those same tools are made available for your own model customization or model building. Global high-resolution maps, interactive exposure and loss dashboards, and KCC's unique risk metrics allow you to intuitively manage and price catastrophe risk. Analyze daily footprints and claims activity with the same consistent exposures and models with which you make underwriting and pricing decisions.

Enhance Your Results with Accurate Global Models

RiskInsight delivers KCC’s visual, verifiable, and accurate models. The latest scientific research and engineering knowledge is utilized by KCC scientists to create the advanced, high-resolution probabilistic models that directly translate into actionable results for (re)insurers. All major perils including earthquake, extratropical cyclone (ETC), flood, severe convective storm (SCS), tropical cyclone, wildfire, and winter storms are modeled for multiple countries.

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Avoid Surprise Losses and Uncover Opportunities

KCC Characteristic Events (CEs) provide an intuitive view into the tail of your exceedance probability (EP) curve, which you can use to clearly visualize where and by how much large event losses could exceed your PML. CEs help you avoid the surprise losses that could impact your profitability or company valuation potential. They show you where you have lower accumulations of catastrophe risk and where you can grow your business.

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Customize Model Components

Customize any model assumptions with the same powerful model-building tools used by KCC scientists and engineers. Directly access frequency and severity assumptions to create your own near term views and special event catalogs to reflect new science. Upload your own shape files and high resolution intensities. Or, use built-in modules such as WindfieldBuilder to create your own intensity footprints with just a few steps.

Build Your Own Models

In addition to the KCC Reference Models, RiskInsight's open platform includes model-building tools that enable you to build your own models with custom hazard footprints, vulnerability curves, and financial components to manage risk using any view. Third-party models can be integrated into the RiskInsight platform using this same toolkit.

Visualize Your Risk At All Levels of Resolution

RiskInsight's interactive exposure and loss dashboards are complemented with intuitive loss metrics for full visualization of your risk profile without the need for additional tools. View your risk from a fully-aggregated level all the way down to the location level. Create bespoke maps for reporting and other needs. RiskInsight enables you to visually understand the drivers of your loss potential and act on those insights.

Accurately Respond to Live Events As They Unfold

Always be up to date on events occurring globally. Accurately and intuitively assess your loss potential from any peril—hurricanes before and after landfall, severe convective storms (SCS) on a daily basis, earthquakes within a day of rupture, and wildfires and winter storms as they occur.

Learn more about KCC's Live Events

Become More Efficient and Profitable

Avoid the guesswork associated with the old catastrophe modeling paradigm. With the accurate, transparent, and intuitive information delivered through RiskInsight, you can confidently make more profitable decisions.

Advanced Benefits for Insurers, Reinsurers, Capital Markets, and Brokers:

  • A Consistent View of Risk Throughout Your Entire Organization

    Embed your view of risk directly in the models, achieving consistency from the point of underwriting through portfolio management and live event response in order to optimize profitability

  • Enhanced Reinsurance Structuring and Communication

    Add value to reinsurance transactions with customized models and intuitive visualizations tuned to a cedant’s understanding of their risk, resulting in better outcomes and relationships

  • Effective Capital Allocation with Intuitive Visualization of Loss Contribution

    Layer CE losses by department, cedant, or line of business to intuitively visualize what is contributing to your large loss potential to efficiently manage, price, and allocate capital

  • Timely Response and Reporting on Events in Real Time

    With WindfieldBuilder and other built-in tools, stay on top of events and proactively manage the response and reporting of losses to executives, claims teams, and other stakeholders

  • Detailed Claims Analyses

    Benefit from live event loss estimates and estimated claims counts produced directly from KCC’s highly accurate models to conduct detailed claims analyses against actual losses

  • Incorporation of Multiple Views of Risk

    Add third-party models using RiskInsight’s model-building tools to manage risk using any view you desire with KCC’s proven accurate models, your own internal models, or other third-party models

  • Enhanced Communication with Regulators and Rating Agencies

    Utilize model transparency to understand the hazard footprints and damage curves used to manage and price your business in order to communicate more confidently with regulators and rating agencies

  • Direct Measurement of the Impacts of Portfolio Management Actions

    Cut through the noise of traditional risk metrics using Characteristic Events to see exactly how business changes will affect loss estimates and where portfolio adjustments may be needed

  • Deeper Knowledge and Insights Into Your Risk Exposures

    Interactive global mapping and exposure dashboards allow you to visualize your in-force portfolio(s) from an aggregated level all the way down to an individual location’s rooftop to gain deeper insights into your risk concentrations, drivers of risk, data quality, and more

  • Confident, Risk-Based Decisions with Transparent Models

    Directly confirm KCC model accuracy and fully understand the models that you are using to manage your business. With RiskInsight, all of the major components and assumptions underlying the models are completely visible to the user

Take Control with RiskInsight