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An Interview with Karen Clark 30 Years After Hurricane Andrew Affirmed Her Models

In this interview with Insurance Journal, Karen Clark discusses how Hurricane Andrew validated catastrophe models and the modeling industry she helped pioneer.

Storm Warning: Managing the Risk of Increasing Hurricane Catastrophes

Karen Clark joins the Wednesdays with Woodward webinar series to discuss how insurance professionals and their customers can prepare to navigate increasing risk from more frequent and severe hurricanes.

Cat Modelling Impacted by Climate Change

At the inaugural Bermuda Climate Summit, Karen Clark comments on how climate change and related risk have forced an altered approach to catastrophe modeling.

Insurance Covered Podcast - Catastrophe Risk Modelling

Karen Clark discusses the importance of catastrophe models to the insurance industry through use cases including Hurricane Andrew and climate change.

The Evolution of Catastrophe Modeling Since Hurricane Andrew

In a recent article, Karen Clark writes about the history and evolution of catastrophe modeling as well as the latest advances. Karen examines how Hurricane Andrew led to widespread use of catastrophe models by reinsurers, how catastrophe risk is impacted by climate change, and more.

Deconstructing Hurricane Ida

Months after Hurricane Ida impacted the US, there’s still market uncertainty around the insured losses. In this article, Karen Clark breaks down what is likely to be the final tally for Ida and discusses how climate change and inflation are impacting hurricane losses generally.

Hurricane Andrew Anniversary Provides Risk, Prep Lessons

In a recent article on the 30th anniversary of Hurricane Andrew, Karen Clark writes about lessons learned and what has changed since the storm struck South Florida in 1992. The article examines the increased hurricane risk from factors such as climate change, the evolution of hurricane preparedness, mitigation, models and insurance, and more.

What Would it Cost: US Wildfires

In a recent article on the potential impacts of wildfires, KCC provided a damage estimate for a hypothetical wildfire hitting Santa Barbara, California.

Victims in Colorado Fire Face High Building Costs Exceeding Insurance Coverage

In a Wall Street Journal article discussing how rising construction costs could impact rebuilding efforts following Colorado's Marshall Fire, KCC's $1 billion loss estimate is referenced.

Karen Clark: 'Real Events Matter'

Real events are necessary to test and continually update the accuracy of catastrophe models, says KCC founder and CEO Karen Clark in a interview with Insider Engage.

Marshall Fire Insurance Industry Loss Estimated Around $1bn: KCC

The recent severe wildfire outbreak has been estimated as around a $1 billion insurance industry loss, by risk modeler Karen Clark & Company.

Rare Winter Wildfire to Cost Insurers About $1 Bln - KCC

Catastrophe modeling firm Karen Clark & Company (KCC) said on Wednesday it expects insured losses of about $1 billion from the rare winter wildfire that roared through two towns in Boulder County, Colorado.

Colorado Wildfire Insured Losses Pegged at About $1 Billion

Insured losses from the Marshall fire in Colorado will be around $1 billion, Boston-based catastrophe modeler Karen Clark & Co. said Wednesday.

KC&C Says Colo. Wildfire Caused $1 Billion in Insured Losses

The wildfire that ignited on Dec. 30 in Boulder County, Colorado destroyed 1,000 structures and caused insured losses of about $1 billion, catastrophe modeler Karen Clark & Co. said Wednesday.

KCC Pegs Marshall Fire Insured Loss at Around $1bn

The late-season Marshall Fire is estimated to have resulted in insured losses of approximately $1 billion, according to risk modeler Karen Clark & Company.

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