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Lessons from Typhoon Jebi

Typhoon Jebi caused the highest insured losses from a typhoon in the Asia-Pacific region. This white paper examines the meteorological and historical context of this event, shares the results of a KCC post-event survey, and discusses the frequency and severity of tropical cyclones in Japan based on the KCC Japan Typhoon Reference Model.

Hurricane Dorian Flash Estimate

KCC estimates impacts in the Caribbean and US from Hurricane Dorian using the KCC high-resolution Hurricane Reference Model.

Hurricane Dorian Impacts on the Bahamas

Hurricane Dorian impacted the Bahamas with record wind speeds of 185 mph. In addition to the catastrophic intensity, the storm stalled over the Abaco and Grand Bahama Island. In this report, KCC estimates the impacts from this event.

Quantifying and Managing Japan Earthquake Risk

Japan has experienced some of the most devastating earthquakes in recent history, and even though the country has strong seismic building codes and construction techniques, it is at risk for very large loss producing events. This report examines factors contributing to earthquake risk in Japan, including the frequency and loss potential of large magnitude events, and how (re)insurers can effectively manage major earthquakes with the KCC US Japan Earthquake Reference Model.

Event Brief: Ridgecrest Earthquake

Following the 2019 Ridgecrest Earthquake, KCC has estimated the total loss from the event using the KCC US Earthquake Reference Model and conducted a post–event damage survey.

Hurricane Barry Flash Estimate

Based on the high–resolution KCC US Hurricane Reference Model, KCC has estimated insured loss from Hurricane Barry.

2018 Hurricane Season: Review and Analysis

The 2018 North Atlantic Hurricane Season was a slightly above average season, and four landfalling storms cause significant impacts to the US. KCC carefully monitored the impacts of hurricanes before, during, and after landfall and gleaned important insights.

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