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What Happens When a Hurricane Patricia Strikes the US

Hurricane Patricia could have been a lot worse had it made landfall in a more populated region of Mexico. This report examines the impacts of a storm like Patricia making landfall in a densely populated area of the US.

Most Vulnerable US Cities to Storm Surge Flooding

Hurricane Katrina was a stark reminder that strong winds are only part of the story when it comes to hurricanes. Storm surge is impacted by many factors, and different cities are highly susceptible to significant storm surge inundation.

Climate Change and Hurricane Loss: Perspectives for Investors

Investors need to be aware of short and long-term impacts of hurricanes on the catastrophe market. This paper provides context on climate change for investors.

Increasing Concentrations of Property Values and Catastrophe Risk in the US

Industry exposure has increased between 2012 and 2014 and correspondingly so has catastrophe loss potential. Characteristic Events (CEs) provide (re)insurers with a better understanding of location-level catastrophe loss potential.

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RiskInsight®, KCC's open loss modeling platform, has the capability for users to create bespoke catastrophe models that fit their specific needs.

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